What I Ate in a Week (While Jenna was away)

If you read our previous week’s blog you would know all about Jenna’s big adventure. But what about me? What did I do during her trip? I mean, taking care of two needy cats is a full time job in itself! But I also had some lessons to teach, some recording to do, and a gig to play so I was pretty busy. One thing I made sure was to keep eating well and not let myself just eat prepackaged foods. Cooking for one is tougher than you may think so I was determined to try to create a menu and cook food each day for not only health reasons but also to pass some time each day. Here are the dinners I made each day (in no order… since I forgot what I made when!)

One night I prepared a stir fry with a ton of veggies from the fridge. This had a spicy lime suace.

I made a loaf of bread (for dinners and breakfasts) so I decided to experiment a little with a take on a BLT. This sandwich was AMAZING. It has roasted seasoned tomatoes, garlic lemon mayo, and seasoned tofu. I had this with garden veggies.

I tried a new method of making tofu for this “chicken” salad. I froze the tofu, thawed it, and then froze it again before marinating, breading, and cooking it. The double freeze gave the tofu a new texture that absorbed the marinade really well!

One night I had a buffalo tofu sandwich to finish my load of bread off.

It wouldn’t be a week of vegan meals without a salad! This salad had a homemade Greek dressing.

We had a Beyond Chicken cutlet left from our Beyond Chicken review (that blog is coming soon!). I decided to treat myself to a vegan chicken parm dish to end the long week alone!

I also cooked each breakfast and lunch but I didn’t take pictures of those. While I missed Jenna I’m glad she had such a great time. I like to think that, since she knew I was eating well and keeping busy, that helped her enjoy her time down there as well since she didn’t have to worry about me. I prefer cooking together but you never know when you may have to fend for yourself for awhile so I’m glad I experimented with creating a bunch of meals for one.

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