We Got Tattoos!

Adventure Date: June 25th, 2017

Adventure Destination: Diversified Ink, Bangor, ME

This is an adventure that we (especially Jon) had been thinking about for over a year.

We went to Diversified Ink and were really pleased! It was a clean and comfortable atmosphere. They had vegan ink, the staff was very nice and our artist was wonderful! Not only was she talented, but she really made me feel at ease. I was really grateful for the experience here and highly recommend it.

I admit, that I was slower to jump on board with this adventure! I was hesitant to get a tattoo. I was not afraid of how it might hurt. I was more afraid of the commitment of choosing an image that will be with me for the rest of my life. I finally asked myself, how choosing a small image could be so scary when choosing a vegan lifestyle (in my opinion an even bigger, life changing commitment) was so easy. That simple question made my choice for me. I knew my tattoo was going to reflect my choice to make permanent changes to my life and take risks to get out of my comfort zone! I chose this vegan heart symbol. I think it is tasteful and simple. I really like the simplicity.

I feel like our tattoo choices reflect our blog amazingly well. While I went the vegan route, Jon went the musical route! He chose the outline of a bass with music notes on the strings. The notes are the bass line to the song “My Girl”. He chose “My Girl” because it is an iconic bass-line and his way of sneaking a little romance in (he’s a pretty sweet guy)!

The morning of our appointment we were so excited that we were up and out the door quite early! That worked out just fine of course, because we got to have breakfast at Bagel Central (again!) and enjoy Cascade Park before running a few errands. At the park I recreated a picture of myself from two summers ago. I am pleased to see physical progress in my health and confidence! Our appointment got pushed back an hour and it was tough to wait patiently and not let nerves creep in as these are our first tattoos, but we managed.

We also took the opportunity before we left to throw our bikes on their hitch-rack, just in case. And we are glad we did! After a long car-ride down eating out breakfast and lunch then sitting through two appointments we needed to get some exercise in! We explored a new little trail system out behind one of the shopping centers before grabbing dinner and driving home!

A week later and we both still LOVE our tattoos!

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