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Valentine’s Day 2020

It’s a little late… we know. We did celebrate Valentine’s day when it actually happened we promise! We are only getting to posting about it now because we’ve been super busy and unfortunately fallen a little sick too. But on the big “Heart Day” we did what we always do when we feel like celebrating… made some vegan goodness!

While the food we made was SUPER good the biggest thing we wanted was to cook it together. So the week before the big day we spent time looking through our cookbooks and trying to find a meal that appealed to both of us. We also wanted to allow for some quality cooking time together. We settled on a @hotforfood recipe called Orange Tofu and Veggie Fried Rice. Super romantic… am I right?

This recipe used multiple appliances (the instant-pot and the air fryer) and let each of us take on some of the preparation… it was exactly what we wanted!

We choose to make this dish for a holiday and it was DELISH but it could be made on any day and it would still be DELISH. It was fun to make it together but it was by no means a complicated recipe and could be done by a single person. If this recipe looks good go check out the Hot For Food cookbook. Still not sure? Check out our review of the book!

We hope you all had a great “Heart Day” as well! What did you do? Make something more romantic than Orange Tofu???

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