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The Gallon Water Jug

As you know, we love our reusable water bottles. We rarely leave the house without them. The only thing we have found is that there isn’t always a place to refill them when traveling or playing a 3 hour outdoor gig in 90* temps! Sometimes you end up having to buy water to refill them which defeats the purpose!

To at least lessen the impact when we knew we would be wanting refills (road trips and gigs especially) we would at least buy the large 2 gallon jugs instead of multiple 20 ounce bottles. Less plastic and cheaper. It still never sat well with me, though!

On our last multi-day trip, the weather was a scorcher. I had listened to a very informational (research based)pod cast about plastic bottles leeching chemicals into the water. Particularly when left in warm vehicles. Plus, drinking warm water after a day of biking is not particularly refreshing! I decided then and there it was time for an upgrade.

The search began. Most water jugs out there are plastic! When we finally found the metal equivalent we were SHOCKED by the price!! Over a hundred dollars!! My initial reaction was to turn around and march right out of the store. I made myself slow down and reevaluate though. At $120 what were we getting? A brand that stands behind their products, very high quality materials that will stand up to many years of rugged use, and a product that actually meets my needs (no chemical leeching, reusable, and actually keeping water cold). Then I started the mental math. With this product being shared by a couple let’s split that $120 in half for $60 a person. At $2 a bottle for replacement waters at a gas station that is 30 bottles per person. We easily would refill our bottles those thirty times in a year (most likely just in the summer season) between road trips and gigs! This bottle, while definitely an up front investment, will pay for itself in no time at all.

As you can see, we settled on the Yeti 1 gallon water jug. We love it! It keeps water very cold with a small amount of ice! Our first time using it was at a gig. It was a 3 hour show in 90* heat. We were playing in a parking lot with no shade to be found. We knew it was going to be intense so we loaded the jug up with lots of ice figuring it would melt. We were wrong! It did its job too well! The ice didn’t melt and so we only got half a refill each! Lesson learned and we turned it into a product test. That gig was on a Friday. The ice didn’t finish melting until the following Wednesday!! I was beyond impressed. We now only put a handful of ice cubes in though, knowing they will do their job AND we will have enough water to drink.

It has a really nice wide mouth for easy cleaning. The padded handle is excellent and necessary as the jug is quite heavy when it is full. The cap magnetizes to the top so it can’t get lost or roll away while you are pouring (genius).

I do wish there had been lighter color options as the dark attracts the warmth of the sun, but we haven’t noticed it affect the performance so that is a very minor complaint.

You are going to get a bonus tip in this post as well! While discussing hydration at our gigs…what goes in, must come out! Many of our gigs have port-a-potties. Thankfully mostly very well maintained so that is a relief! At our nighttime gigs, though, they are dark! Us ladies often had to have a friend reach up and shine the flash light of their phone through the vents near top. Not ideal, so I started bringing this Nite Ize along. My aunt got this for me and I use it while walking for better visibility. It is basically a slap bracelet but you can turn it on and it has a nice bright light. It is a perfect hands free solution for dark port-a-potties! I wrap it around the handle of the water jug for easy access.

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