Sunday Soups

As you may have noticed from our lack of consistent posts since the beginning of September, adjusting to our school schedules has taken some time! I think we have finally gotten in our groove, though so here we go!

One thing that we have started doing this year that has made life a bit easier is we have been making big pots of soup on Sundays that help provide lunches for work throughout the week. We have always been believers in food prep and as vegans (especially one who is trying to lose weight) it is truly required to be successful.

I have to admit that I’ve never loved leftovers! But soups don’t bother me for some reason, especially now that we have quality thermoses to take them in. More on that in a future post…

Having a big batch of soup made on Sunday helps cut food prep time down significantly. Our cover photo features a nice steamy bowl of chickpea noodle soup of our own creation. Below are some of our favorites from the past couple months.

We will start with Jon’s favorite. Tom Yum Soup from the Forks Over Knives Cookbook.

Next is a Potato and Kale Minestrone from the Forks Over Knives App. Simple ingredients but HUGE flavor.

Also from the Forks Over Knives App is this Creamy Vegan Broccoli Chowder. Do you see a common thread here? Forks Over Knives is generally our go-to soup resource!

Lastly, we have the ever popular Clean Out the Fridge Soup. We reserve this for the weeks we over buy on produce or need to do a pantry clean! Odd bits of random veg left in the crisper? Throw ‘em in! Random partial boxes of noodles in the pantry? Throw ‘em in! Three bags of the same type of frozen veg in the freezer because hubby ‘can’t find’ the already open one (sorry Jon, secret is out!)? Throw ‘em in! You get the idea. As long as you season your broth, it will be a tasty treat.

We are always looking for new soup recipes, got my suggestions?

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