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Summer Routine

School has been out for about ten days now and we are settling in to a lovely summer routine!

A typical summer day for us starts with a morning workout. We both just like to get it done so we can enjoy the rest of the day and also we prefer the cooler temps! Morning workouts generally include a morning walk set to music intended to keep my heart rate up or a Leslie Sansone Walk at Home routine but I am adding in strength training too that I don’t generally have time for in the mornings before work. Jon usually goes for a run but will sometimes walk with me and he also has been incorporating more weight to his routine as well.

Some mornings you have to tie up those laces before your brain can wake up and convince you otherwise!

After our morning workout we have breakfast and get ready for the day! Mornings are generally for running errands, prepping food and being creative. We have both been making a point to get into the studio every morning. Jon typically plays bass or writes music while I either sew or use my Cricut.

Lately I have been listening to audio books while working on projects.

After lunch we often do our own thing like read, play games or even nap but we always take a few minutes to get out and tend the garden and flower boxes.

Nothing better than time spent reading on a porch!

After dinner we either take another leisurely walk or hop on our bikes and go for an evening ride.

The fields are much more green than when this picture was taken!

I could get used to this type of daily routine!

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