Recharge and Re-evaluate

Hello and welcome back to Jazzed for Veggies. We have been quiet on here for a while because we needed the opportunity to recharge, re-evaluate and to find the balance again of extra curricular activities starting up once again. We hope this blog finds you well and thank you for your patience with us!

Recharge: You may be wondering about what we needed to recharge from. After all, didn’t we just go through a period in the world where we all seemingly came to a stop? While that was true in 2020, 2021 meant as music teachers we spent a lot of time relearning how to teach. Teaching musical concepts with out being allowed to sing or play instruments with children was a whole new mindset and skill set that required lots of behind the scenes preparation. We also had to learn how to teach remotely and in-person simultaneously. I strongly feel that we both made it through with flying colors and even enjoyed the challenge and process, but would be lying if we didn’t require a bit of recharge here at the beginning of 2022 to regroup after it all!

Re-evaluate: Why do we blog? What is the purpose? I admit I was beginning to feel some pressure of making a post weekly and keeping them ‘fresh’. It was nearly becoming a chore while we started it as a creative outlet to share our experiences. By taking a bit of time away I have been keeping a list of blog ideas running so I now have a backlog to help with keeping the creativity flowing without feeling forced. Jazzed for Veggies is by no means a professional operation! We are aware that we likely only reach a handful of people on our little corner of the web, but I as I struggle with maintaining a healthy lifestyle I wonder if by sharing what I am going through (and what helps me get through) I can inspire even one other person to stay strong with their beliefs of either the vegan lifestyle, environmentalism or weight loss then my time and effort is worth it!

Balance: My re-evaluation leads me finally to the topic of balance. Posts may not be weekly as we navigate evening extracurricular activities beginning to start back up, but we hope to see you here as often as we a comfortable with! In our time away we have been trying new cookbooks and recipes that we can’t wait to share with you! Until then, stay tuned and be well!

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