Make It Yourself: Sushi

Have you ever tried making your own sushi? If your answer is no, maybe give it a try sometime! Making sushi is something that Jon and I love doing together. We put on music, lay out our ingredients and make an evening of it!

When we first started making our own our sushi rolls didn’t look so great, but they still tasted delicious!

Our first attempt at making our own sushi.

I am proud to say that over the years we have gotten much better and I dare say that our rolls even look pretty decent these days!

The fun thing about making our own is that you get to decide exactly what you want in your roll. I used to go for only rolls with basic veggies inside like cucumber, avocado and carrots. Then I learned that cream cheese is a roll adds a beautiful creaminess that I never expected to like. Since then we have been more adventurous when ordering sushi out and even paying attention to non-vegan or vegetarian rolls on the menu so that we can attempt recreate the flavors in a vegan way at home!

Here we added magi to the roll in the left. The roll in the middle has hearts of palm as a vegan imitation crab meat and the roll on the right has marinated roasted eggplant to create a dragon roll!
Here we used tomato two different ways. The top roll has the tomato as a spicy tuna and the bottom creates a salmon style sashimi. The roll in the middle we coated in a spicy mayo then Pablo and air fried it to make it crispy.

We usually have sushi making staples on hand, especially if there is potential for bad weather . Making sushi is. Great snow day activity!

We love making sushi together so much that the year we moved into our house we had a combined housewarming and Halloween party where we dressed up as sushi and soy sauce!

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