Food Review – Gardein Ultimate Chick’n

Like most vegans, we love the Gardien products. When we saw a new Ultimate Chick’n on Instagram we were excited to try it! Unfortunately we couldn’t find it in our local store so we had to wait until we travelled to Bangor to get it. Would we say they were worth a 300 mile round trip? Yes. Yes, we would.

The ultimate Chick’n comes in three varieties. Filets, tenders and nuggets. We were able to try the tenders and the filets. They are essentially the same product just in different forms.

Their new coating is crispy and crunchy and really mimics fried chicken very well while still keeping the faux meat mice and moist. We prepared these two different ways to test out the crispness factor in particular. The tenders we cooked in the air fryer while the filet we baked in the oven. We would recommend either method!

If you get the chance to pick these up, go for it! You can substitute them in any dish you would use crispy chicken in. We chose Chick’n Parmesan, burgers, and finger style!

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