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Fruits and Vegetables

As vegans, we are passionate about getting our 5+ servings of fruits and veggies a day. We both enjoy most fruits and veggies, but we have very different ‘go-to’ favorites! Here are our Top 5’s

Jenna – Fruit

#1 Avocado

Why? I love the creaminess of an avocado! I like it sliced on salads, mashed on toast, with a spoon straight from it’s skin (it comes in it’s own natural bowl!) and in smoothies. Yay healthy fats!

#2 Pineapple

Why? Pineapple is sweet, tangy and juicy. I love fresh pineapple, but am known to eat it straight from the can too! Pineapple pizza topped with crushed red pepper flakes is on of my favorite meals!

#3 Plums

Why? I didn’t really discover plums until after high school. There is nothing like a plum juice dribbled chin!

#4 Grapes

Why? Next time you eat grapes, close your eyes and really let yourself enjoy the explosion of flavor in your mouth when your teeth burst through a grape. I so enjoy the experience!!

#5 Strawberries

Why? One of my most fond memories growing up is strawberry picking with my Pappy. We paid for the quarts we picked, but I don’t think they could have imagined how many berries I could tuck into in the process! I love strawberries. Fresh or in jam!

Honestly, I am more inclined to have fruits over veggies!!

Jenna – Veggies

#1 Bell Peppers

Why? Like I said, I prefer fruit so it is natural that my top two favorite veggies are actually also sweet. I eat bell pepper (and avocado) just about daily either raw or cooked. It’s a great vehicle for dips and dressings and fills out main dishes without adding serious calories. What’s not to love?

#2 Corn

Why? On the cob, frozen or in the can. Corn is so easy to add to anything! We throw it in salads, pasta dishes, on the grill and just as a side dish. It’s quick, easy and pretty cheap!

#3 Peas

Why? Please refer to corn…

#4 Spinach

Why? I really don’t like lettuce. I love salads. But I don’t like lettuce. I don’t like iceburg lettuce. Some romain or butter lettuce is okay, but if I’m going to enjoy eating greens spinach is my choice. We add it to smoothies and in skillets. It has so much more flavor and texture than most lettuce! Did I mention I don’t like lettuce?

#5 Olives

Why? As much as I love sweet I also love savory. I especially love Kalamata olives. Pair with avocado and a nice balsamic…YUM. This is a combination I could eat without getting tired of!

  • Disclaimer: Bell Peppers and Olives are technically fruit, but I tend to eat them more in line with other veggies so that is why I have included them here! And it’s my list so…..

Jon – Fruit

#1 Mango

Why? Mangos are super sweet, super delicious, and super versatile. Seriously, you can eat them on their own, puree them into a variety of things, and even make salsa with them. There are even multiple ways to get the fruit from the skin! The little cube thing where you push the fruit outwards is just neat.

#2 Apple

Why? Since you know my love of PB2 it shouldn’t be any surprise that I love apples too. They are an iconic pair. Apples are a great snack, a great dessert fruit, and a great baking tool (applesauce anyone???)

#3 Pear

Why? Pears are a newer thing for me. I never really liked them until more recently but I now bring them regularly to school as a mid morning snack. A-pear-ently they have grown on me… I’ll show myself out now…

#4 Banana

Why? Can you be a vegan and not love bananas? They are great filler in smoothies, great for baking, and even make a mean ice cream substitute. What’s not to like?

#5 Clementine

Why? Or any oranges really. The bright citrus flavor is always welcome. I usually have a couple of these during the week as well. I don’t love orange juice though, so this is a bit lower on my list.

Jon – Veggies

#1 Brussel Sprouts

Why? Because Jenna doesn’t like them. Actually, I like my veggies roasted and raw and brussle sprouts are amazing both ways. I like the bite they have and the flavor can be enhanced in so many ways.

#2 Beets

Why? They make a mess. They are also very healthy and much sweeter than people think. They are just as versitle as brussle sprouts but not quite a yummy in my opinion.

#3 Broccoli/Cauliflower

Why? I love florets. They make a great vessel for hummus or dressing. They also function in a varity of dishes (cauliflower wings, stir frys, pizza crust or riced…). The way they smell can be a little off putting for sure but that’s not their fault is it?

#4 Carrot

Why? For one, orange is my favorite color. Also carrots are great for dipping things in, adding to soups, or roasting. I used to eat carrots every day growing up because I heard that they are good for eyesight and I didn’t want to wear glasses like the rest of my family. I am still the only one without glasses and I’ll thank the carrot for that.

#5 Zucchini

Why? Zucchini is one of the only veggies I prefer cooked over raw. Zucchini in a stir fry or a taco is just out of this world for me. While I do eat them raw sometimes they aren’t high on my list because I don’t really like them raw.

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