Chicken-like Tofu Method

Today I am writing to share with you what I have found to be the best method for cooking tofu that creates a chicken-like texture. The reason why I am using the term method in this case instead of recipe is because you can add tis method of cooking the tofu to ANY recipe that calls for either chicken or tofu.

I cannot for a moment take credit for this method so I would like to direct you to Caitlin Shoemaker’s content. We have talked about her cookbook in a review blog, but I highly encourage you to also follow her on social media and check out her blog here. On Instagram, YouTube and TikTok she uses the handle FromMyBowl.

Her method for tearing the tofu and using ingredients such as soy sauce or liquid aminos gives the tofu the texture and savory flavor you would find from crispy chicken. Also, another key to success is using super firm tofu. If you have the time to throw the entire package in the freezer even for an hour the morning of the day you make the recipe, I highly recommend it as in adds to the flaky texture even more. Lastly, when she says top rack in the oven…she means top rack, bump it up a level! You’ll thank me later 😉

The first time we tried this method of hers we made her “Better Than Takeout! Crispy Orange Tofu”. Since then we have been using her method and then adding the tofu to other recipes and have yet to be disappointed! 

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