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Fire Pit Face Lift

There is nothing better than spending the evening by a fire. We enjoy easy chats just the two of us and we also enjoy having a few friends over for company too! Building our fire pit was one of the first projects we did when we moved in seven years ago. It was high priority for us.

The past two weeks we have gone to two different friends houses to enjoy spending time around their fire pits and we had such lovely times that we decided that we needed a few upgrades to our own set up. Below is a picture of the simple set up from our first time around. Our main priority was creating our ring and making it safe for the field breezes that come through our lawn.

What we really liked from our time spend at our friends fire pits was that the seating areas were relatively bug free because the chairs were off the grass. One couple had gravel and the other had a lovely paver patio.

For our set up we decided to go with gravel but first we chose to line the area with weed barrier in the hopes of deterring regrowth in the years to come. That being said, we dug the area up first and I think we did a good job getting to the roots of what we pulled up. I’d like to say the roots of the beautiful grass, but let’s be honest, we’ve got a lot of weeds and clover out there too!

Here is the end result set up with a lovely furniture set gifted to us by Jon’s mom. There is also a little table that fits between the chairs that we brought over after I snapped this picture.

Also, these torches are battery operated and also use thermacell technology. We love them? We have some around our back porch and a smaller version on our front porch. We even take the smaller one camping and on picnics. Jon is super sensitive to bug bites (they really welt up) and this is one of the few things we have found that actually deters bugs!

Needless to say we are loving our new space. We have taken to listening to podcasts while staring in to the flames, enjoying our woodland creatures and admiring the night skies.

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