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Top 5 Vegan Friendly Finds of 2020

Now that 2020 is (FINALLY) over it’s time for some reflection. As much as many of us probably don’t want to think about last year we are firm believers in trying to find the best in any situation. So as we look back at one of the strangest years we’ve had we thought about all we’ve learned last year. Here are our Top 5 Vegan Friendly Finds of 2020. Some of it is brand new and some of it learning to appreciate something we already had in a new way. But either way, we can look back at 2020 and thank it for these.


  1. Reusable Make-up Remover Wipes-Great for other jobs too, like wiping down the sink!
  2. Reusable Q-Tips-These took a few uses to get comfortable with, but I love them now! Less waste in the landfill. It’s amazing how something so simple can take so long to breakdown!
  3. Masks-Finding what fits best for you is key! For me, investing in reusable brackets was the game changer. I am way more comfortable and no longer fiddle with my mask. Also, having a system to always have clean options on hand is important. We use two mesh bags that now have permanent homes by the washing machines. One for dirty masks (and reusable Make-up Remover Wipes) and another bag for clean masks. 
  4. Kindle-I’ve rediscovered my love for my kindle. With lock downs and the uncertainty of the spread of the virus on surfaces at the beginning of the year I was no longer using services like the town library or little free libraries. So digital access with Kindle Unlimited has opened many more opportunities to read great books.
  5. Google Home – We really got our monies worth out of this device with so much extra time at home this year. Setting the timer while baking countless loaves of bread, using reminders for conference calls or to get up and move and even selecting specific playlists to change the atmosphere of the room from work to relaxation really helped give a potentially scattered time structure and positive energy!


  1. Rainbow Plant Life  – Nothing is quite as inspiring as finding a new personality that you can relate to but also learn from. Earlier this year we discovered a vegan chef named Nisha Vora (who goes by Rainbow Plant Life on social media). She is real, down to earth, funny, and, most importantly, a good recipe creator! We have learned a lot from her videos and tried many recipes (the Basil Ricotta is probably my favorite). 
  2. Masks – Not only has it been important to find a mask that is comfortable and also safe but sadly seeing the amount of discarded used masks throughout the school day has made our reusable masks a must have for 2020.
  3. Instagram Reels – While this may seem like an odd one to include there is actually a fair amount of veganism on Reels. It could be part of the algorithm that I see them so much vegan content but it’s always nice to see fellow vegans sharing things online. Sometimes it’s a recipe, sometimes it’s a meme, and sometimes it’s just encouragement but Reels have brought a great deal of entertainment this past year.
  4. Apple Music/iPod – This also may seem like an odd one and I’m probably dating myself a bit but I only recently figured out how to run my iPod through my car without using an AUX jack (which was losing audio quality and draining the battery). While I discovered (really, Jenna taught me) this early in 2020 I still use it daily in the car. I love listening to music and I’m getting new music all the time… but I haven’t had to buy a CD for a long time. This is saving on materials and shipping. I know that streaming isn’t always the best for an artist’s revenue but I also think that most artists realize that the reality is that music streaming is where the majority of their listeners are so they are expecting more streams. Now that I can use my iPod more effectively for listening to music I have gotten about 15 new albums this year (with zero waste).
  5. Chickpea Flour – Every few years there seems to be some magic “super food” that everyone is all about. Chickpea Flour is NOT that… but I have found it has made it’s way into a few dishes that I really have loved this year. ChickPea Scramble, Seitan, and even French Toast… all things that I love to make and eat! 

Was there anything you discovered last year? Anything you’d like to suggest to us? We hope you could find some in 2020 and even in 2021!

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