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Portland Spring 2022

It’s that time of year again! We played hooky from school last Monday and Tuesday to spend a long weekend in Portland, ME. It was a most wonderful four days away. We’d like to take you on a tour of the wonderful foods we enjoyed on our time away.

Portland is a wonderfully vegan friendly city so here we go! Check it out with us.

We left bright and early Saturday morning. Portland is about five hours away so we planned on a pitstop in Bangor at our favorite breakfast spot, Bagel Central. They did not disappoint. I went with a Cranberry Water Bagel with tofu cream cheese and an Iced Tea. It was the softest, lightest water bagel I have ever had!

After a nice little stretch it was back on the road with Portland in our sights. We arrived just at lunch time and parked the car. We unloaded our bikes from our hitch carrier and set out for our lunch destination. We chose to hop on our bikes at this point because there were high school graduation ceremonies happening in the areas and didn’t want to deal with finding street parking. It was definitely the right choice as our next destination was right in the heart of town and we were ready to move!

This is a meal from Nura. I had the Mushroom Shawarma and Jon had a falafel salad. Together, we split an order of Shawarma fries and Brussel Sprouts. I don’t love Brussel Sprouts, but these were amazing and I 10/10 would order again! I can’t wait to try and recreate this mushroom pita. It was wonderful! We also both enjoyed a lovely Iced Oatmilk Chai Latte.

After an afternoon of being tourists we had dinner at Taj, an Indian restaurant we discovered last year. I ordered my ’usual’ (for all three times we have eaten here) and am still in love. What you see pictured is their Aloo Muttar. Just trust me and get it. You will love it!

The next morning we started our day at the cutest little coffee shop called Little Woodfords. They make their own English Muffins here that also happen to be vegan. Our PB&J on an English muffins were simple yet so incredibly satisfying. Jon got the best iced coffee of the trip and I got a lovely iced matcha.

We love biking around this city and knew we were going to need quality fuel so we decided to try another new-to-us place for lunch that we had hear a lot about. Our lunch from copper branch was nutritiously delicious! We each got a ’mini’ grain bowl and we split a smoothie. Let me tell you…there was nothing ’mini’ about these bowls!! You really get your bang for your buck at this place!

We had biked well over nine hilly miles that day so we chose to have a nice sit down dinner at the Green Elephant that night. It had been years since we had been to the Portland location and we were both very happy with our choices. I got a Ginger Garlic tofu dish and Jon got a Green Curry. For a starter we got curry puffs that came with the tastiest house made cucumber sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Not shown was a cheeky dessert we had that night. Whole foods sells vegan chocolate chip cookies! We got a few to take back to the hotel with us that night!

Our last full day in the city we treated ourself to donuts. Jon loooves donuts. We split three. A lemon glazed, a vanilla sprinkle and a regular vanilla. We earned them by parking at Back Cove and walking to get them, then returning before eating them!

After that sweet treat we spent the morning walking around and exploring the Portland Headlight. It was quite warm and we had been very active the past few days (when not eating all this deliciousness) so we decided to opt for an easy lunch. We grabbed a pizza and salad from Otto’s and enjoyed it while lounging by and enjoying to pool and hot tub at the hotel! They joy of extending your weekend into Monday/Tuesday is that we had both the Headlight and the pool to ourselves so early in the week.

We didn’t record our final dinner in Portland as we wanted to put our phones away and really enjoy each other’s company. We got appetizers at Empire. Two orders of dumplings and an order of fried spring rolls. Sometimes your just want munchie items!

Our last day we took our time driving North and did a bit of shopping in Bangor which made for perfect timing to grab lunch on the patio at Miguel’s before making the trek to get home to our sweet kitties.

Get out there and try new foods and new restaurants! It is worth it!


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