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A few weeks ago we attended our first concert as audi­ence members since COVID hit. We came back to the concert going scene with a BANG! It was amazing! Originally we had Planned our return to concert venues to be with The Foo Fighters concert at the Bangor water­front. Sadly, with the passing of their drummer, Taylor Hawkins, that concert was cancelled. A bit after learning this we saw tickets for Red Hot Chili Peppers posted. We were intrigued. The date of the concert was the first Saturday of school starting…in Boston. A long haul after a potentially hectic week. Was it worth it? Yes.

We asked family if we could crash with them after the concert. We bought the tickets. It was set to happen but I think neither one of us truly let ourselves truly believe it was actually going to happen until the week before. We travelled as far as Augusta Friday after a great first week back to school. On the way we stopped in Bangor for a lovely patio dinner at a Mexican restaurant. The weather was beautiful all weekend. This was just the start.

The next morning we got up and got a workout in before hitting the road to make the drive into Boston. We have both driven to the outskirts of the city to catch public trans­portation into the city, but this was the first time driving all the way in so we were a bit anxious. It went so well though! Traffic was smooth and we found easy parking right outside our sateen trace in to Fenway for the concert. We couldn’t have planned it better!

With the hard Part out of the way, we had an entire afternoon ahead of us to enjoy before our evening concert. Our first task wasto find food. We had been following (drooling over) a new restaurant in the area on Instagram. It is called Plant Pub and their entire menu is vegan. What a treat for us. We indulged. We split an order of garlic fingers-I got a buffalo chick’m burger and Jon got a Buffalo Chick’n Cesar wrap. Everything was out of this world AMAZING. We were stuffed so we needed to walk it off! I had
a surprise in store for Jon!

I led our walk to end at the Museum Of Modern Art. He loves musuems. I bought us tickets and we spent a lovely few hours wandering the exhibits. When it was time to leave neither of us was hungry enough for a full meal, but thought a little something before the concert would be good. The most sensible thing was clearly go back to Plant Pub for a dessert! Jon got the strawberry shortcake and I got an Oreo frappe. What a hardship.

It was finally time! Our seats were fantastic. Unbelievable view. Opening acts were Thundercat and St. Vincent. Both put on great shows and we even got to see Flea come out to one of the dugouts to enjoy their music for himself. It was a JOY watching a big name performer come out to enjoy and support the musicians opening for them. The genuine appreciation he displayed on his face and through his dancing was heart warming. By the end of the opening acts Fenway was picked. I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen that many gathered. It was lovely. The crowd was respectful and appreciative. Not once did I feel anyone was in my personal space. It allowed me to be able to relax and genuinely enjoy the incredible show the Red Hot Chili Peppers put on.

Their portion of the concert was high energy and simply fun. Honestly, the best concert I have ever been
to! They gave it their all and it made making the quick trip south worth every penny an minute spent driving. Our smiles were this big for days after!

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