A Week of Vegan Dinners

If you spend any time on the vegan side of Instagram or YouTube you have probably seen a post titled “What I Eat in a Day (or week) as a Vegan”. These posts are exactly as they sound – a bunch of pictures or text cataloging all a person’s meals for a week. We decided to do the same type of post. Here are a bunch of meals we ate between February 10th and 17th.

Vegan Carbonara – a creamy and slightly salty sauce made from silken tofu with mushroom bacon from the mushroom farm I got Jon for Christmas!
Sushi – We may not be pros ate making sushi rolls but that doesn’t stop us from making big sushi platters. Some of the rolls were breaded in panko and air-fried.
Korean flavored Tofu – with some of the leftover rice from sushi we made this tasty dish.
Buffalo Chicken Seitan Wraps
Valentines Day Feta Pasta Bake – check our previous blog post for more details!
Tomato Lox on Homemade Bagels – this is one of our favorite breakfast for dinner meals.
Mushroom and Thyme Risotto – this was a new dish neither of us have ever had vegan or non-vegan. Thanks to Rainbow Plant Life (one of our favorite vegan chefs for creating this amazing recipe!
Vegan Charcuterie Board – a fun way to end the week off! Fruit, crackers, Field Roast deli slices, and Miyoko’s Pepper Jack.

This was all our dinners for the week but we take a ton of food pictures so here’s some bonus shots!

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    March 2, 2021 at 8:57 pm

    We have been making a baked butternut squash risotto that we are going to add to the Thanksgiving menu this year with a few modifications. Very tasty. I can’t tell you how many times we have said lately “the next time Jenna and Jon visit, we have to make…..”

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