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Something to Think About

“Use the weekend to build the life you want instead of trying to escape the life you have.” Jari Roomer

I have been thinking about this quote that I saw last week. Jari Roomer is an author who writes about habits, productivity and mindset. I love a good weekend. But reading this quote made me thankful that I don’t feel like I have a life I need to escape on the weekends. After that initial thought, I revisited it though because I realized that I was only thinking in terms of my work life. What about other areas though? 

A Green LIfestyle: I love that we use reusable containers, mugs, napkins and utensils throughout the work week. Do we carry that into our weekend? I can honestly say yes! We still use reusable items and bags when out and about on the weekend whether shopping or day tripping adventures.

A Healthy/Fit Lifestyle: This is where the line begins to grey! While we don’t go too crazy, we often have treats we save for the weekend. Snacks and more indulgent meals. While this is fine, healthy even. We don’t need to be indulging every weekend which is a pattern we can easily find ourselves falling into. This quote came at a good time because this has definitely been more common than not lately and needs to be addressed! We do use the weekend well to prepare for a healthy work week, though. We make sure to take the time to meal plan, shop and prep as many foods as possible to help build that healthy life ahead of time. As for fit, it really depends on the weekend. Sometimes we get in extra walks, others we listen to our bodies and rest. Again, in moderation this is healthy. Looking back on my most recent habits…I have required a lot more rest the strictly necessary!

Creative Lifestyle: We work hard at including our creativity in both our week as well as our weekend! We do use weekends to set ourselves up to complete small projects or rehearsals throughout our work week though. That may look like tackling a few extra chores to free up an evening, planning out easier meals for busy evenings or even preparing materials on the weekend so we can quickly get started on a week night.

Ultimately, this quote presented itself to me at a very opportune time. Are there any quotes or sayings that have stuck you as pertinent recently?


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