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A Smoothie Year

One year ago I came home from school to find a package. Jon had ordered us an anniversary present and it had arrived early. If you know Jon at all, you know he simply cannot wait to gift a present. So naturally we opened it immediately!

He had ordered us the smoothie attachment for our Vitamix blender. We love our Vitamix. In fact, we have even written blog post about our love for our Vitamix, but that being said cleaning it after making a smoothie was admittedly a process and the original blender attachment is quite large and a bit harder to portion a single smoothie in. Plus, we don’t always want the same flavor smoothie as each other every day. Needless to say this new smoothie attachment seemed like a perfect fit for our situation, so we tried it out!

One year later and we can honestly say that it was used every single one that we were home this past year. EVERY DAY! And the number of days we were both away from home in the past year can be counted on one hand! We crave a smoothie every day. Both for taste and nutrition.

We have both had pretty good bloodwork labs for a while now, but in the past year we have been getting gold stars and amazing praise. Most specifically with regards to our potassium and iron levels and we strongly believe it is because we can pack in so many wonderful greens in our smoothies everyday.

You might be wondering if have a smoothie everyday is boring and I can honestly tell you that it genuinely isn’t. To keep it interesting We have smoothie basics that we always start with, but then we mix and match our other ingredients to create an incredible amount on different combinations.

Our Smoothie Basics: 1/2 banana, 1 very large handful dark greens (kale/spinach) either fresh or frozen, 1 small handful berries, 1 Tbsp ground Flax and 1 scoop greens powder (we like this one)

Beyond the basics we add what we want or whatever is in season. We also keep a backup supply of frozen fruit for those weeks we run out of fresh. Jon likes oat milk in his while I prefer to save a few calories and just use water. If we know it will be a crazy day or meals are uncertain we will add a scoop of protein powder to hold us over. If we used fresh ginger in a recipe and have extra leftover we grate the extra and keep it in the fridge to add in!

Another way to mix it up is that we don’t alway have them at the same time of day. Many mornings it is our breakfast, but other times it is a refreshing afternoon snack. With some chocolate or vanilla protein power it makes a lovely shake as a dessert.

I often get asked if it tastes funny with all those greens and the answer is not at all! 

As the title reads, it has simply been a smooth(ie) year!


Recharge and Re-evaluate

Hello and welcome back to Jazzed for Veggies. We have been quiet on here for a while because we needed the opportunity to recharge, re-evaluate and to find the balance…