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Keepin’ It Hot

Last week’s blogs was all about how we have been loving making big batches of soups on Sunday afternoons so that we can have leftovers throughout the week. We are continuing in that train of thought this week!

We have both always packed our own lunches for work. It’s not always easy or fun though. It is easy to get into ruts and personally, my schedule doesn’t always allow time to warm food up. As someone who doesn’t love leftovers to begin with, that really decreases the likely hood of me actually enjoying those leftovers the next day! I do love leftover soup though.

The trouble then was finding a good way to transport it. We tried some containers that leaked and were messy, thermoses that simply weren’t large enough for a filling portion or didn’t truly hold the heat, even mason jars (which often can be the solution to most storage issues…but if you know me at all, carrying glass is NOT a great choice here)!

This past summer I invested in 20 ounce Hydroflask thermoses for us. Yes. I used the word invested because often for items such as these you are often paying more for the brand name than anything else. But let me tell you. These thermoses are truly a quality above and well worth every penny!

We preheat them buy pouring a bit of boiling water in them and putting the lids on while we are reheating our lunch portions on the stove (you could use a microwave). To not waste water I just make a cup of tea by pouring the preheating water into my mug before we transfer the warmed food into the thermoses. The food is genuinely still warm at lunch time and is LOVELY. Even though it may sound like a lot of steps, it only takes about 3 minutes of your time in the morning.

We have used these to take amazing soups, fajita bowls, sushi/rice bowls, pasta, oatmeal (both hot and cold). We have never had a spill, the portion size is satisfying for a full meal and they clean up very, very easily. They come with us to work, on picnics, to gigs and traveling now.

We will be recommending these to friends and family for years to come.


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