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Cookbook Review – From My Bowl

One of the newer cookbooks we got is from YouTuber as food blogger Caitlin Shoemaker (FromMyBowl). The title of the book is Simply Delicious Vegan and it certainly is just that – simple and delicious! We have made four or five recipes from this book and they’re all have been great.

One of the first recipes we made was a Buffalo Cauliflower Mac and Cheese. This seriously was so good! Every element was fantastic. The cashew cheese sauce was rich and creamy and the roasted cauliflower seasoning was great. The added buffalo sauce the it a kick and this meal was just about perfect to us! We’d remake it a heartbeat.

The cookbook also has a lot of our favorite dishes. The Pad Thai is very good and a lot lighter than other versions we have made. This is partly because the whole book is oik free, gluten free, and refined sugar free. Something we certainly appreciate.

That doesn’t mean the meals are boring. Some even use new techniques. This mostly eaten dish is a Mediterranean Rice Bake which made rice in oven. Very easy and new to us!

We also made this garlicky green bean stir fry with sticky orange tempeh. Sounds good doesn’t it? Full of flavor and quite healthy!

But to be fair, this is a vegan cookbook so of course there’s some desserts! These homemade Snickers were amazing! Sweetened with dates and vegan chocolate these may not have lasted more than 10 seconds after the picture!

We highly recommend this cookbook as well as her YouTube and blog. The recipes are easy and tasty but still healthy and filling. Our favorite recipe so far was the mac and cheese but we’ll be making more from Simply Delicious Vegan soon!