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Easy Swap

Often we are unable to find vegan Naan or other types of vegan flat breads up our way so we like to make them ourselves! The only trouble is that they often call for unsweetened plain yogurt. We can finally get that BUT it only comes in large tubs and the recipes generally only call for about a quarter cup at a time. So we had to come up with ways to use the rest before it went bad.

Naturally we knew that it made an easy sour cream substitute and immediately began topping baked potatoes, nachos, tacos (all forms: hard shell, soft shell, salad), fajitas, and burritos with it. But there was still more!

Next, we we turned to dressings and here is where I fell in love. Adding seasonings for a much lower calorie ranch was clearly the first choice. But then we added relish and a bit of lemon juice for a tartar sauce. We have even used it to dress coleslaw!

Our favorite use though, is a spicy Thousand Island style dressing. We combine the yogurt with relish, yellow mustard and hot sauce of our choice. We prefer sriracha. It is good as a dip, in a sandwich or on a salad!

We have also found ourselves in the situation where we accidentally grabbed the unsweetened plain instead of the vanilla when in a rush so it is always good to have a few of these ideas in the back of your head in case that ever happens to you!


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