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A Thank You to Keeping It Kind!

It’s kind of strange but I think people become attached to chefs. I blame the Food Network! Just like musicians, chefs have a style and flare that people can identify with and with social media it’s so easy to really feel like you know a person who may live thousands of miles away. With the recent news (that we learned on social media) of Kristy Turner (Keeping It Kind) retiring from writing cookbooks and food blogging we were a little sad. In the words of Rachel from Friends “it’s like the end of era!”.

One of our favorite sandwiches – Tofu Bahn Mi with pickled veg.

One of the vegan cookbooks we’ve had the longest (and used the most) is Kristy Turner’s But I Could Never Go Vegan and her second book – But My Family Would Never Eat Vegan. The premise behind the books is simple – tasty recipes that people who are on the fence about veganism will love. Some people call these types of recipes “transition” recipes but I don’t think that quite fits. A transition recipe is a food that either looks or gives the impression of a non-vegan dish while still being vegan. Things like Beyond Burgers or vegan deli slices fall into this category. The recipes in Kristy Turner’s books don’t really try to imitate meat dishes but they take familiar flavors and use vegan ingredients to create yummy familiar dishes but they are undeniably vegan. For example – I don’t think anyone would consider her Cauliflower Piccata anything but a vegan dish but it invokes the flavors of a piccata sauce.

Cauliflower Piccata

We have made countless recipes from these two cookbooks. For those of you who follow our Instagram you have for sure seen many pictures of these recipes. We don’t know if the books will still be sold or easy to find but we cannot recommend them enough! If you see them in the store and you’re looking for tasty recipes that are easy to make and will be loved even by picky eaters pick it up!

The “Epic” Breakfast Sandwich

Thanks for all the good food Kristy! Best of luck with where you go (in her last blog post she says she’s getting more into writing but is not really 100% sure in what direction this will take her). She also said she has gotten a ton of email in her time as food blogger/chef thanking her for helping people follow the vegan lifestyle. We never emailed her but we certainly could have as we have followed her almost since the beginning of our time as vegans. As she liked to say – kind food, kind life.