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Seven Years

We have been married for seven years. This past Monday was our anniversary and we’d like to share our celebration with you!

Last year we had to cancel a trip to the city that included meals out at our favorite restaurants and going to a concert. We made due though by replicating our favorite meals right in our own kitchen and watching music live Streamed on social media.

Fast forward to this year. We are both vaccinated! Woohoo! This meant we could venture a bit further. Because it is school vacation week though, we knew places would be busier than usual. Instead of a trip to a city we opted to go for a less populated day trip. The coast.

Usually the coast is the more populated option but not in April in Maine! We lucked out with a beautiful day. On the way we of course popped in to Bagel Central and grabbed some delicious bagels to take with us. We had brunch with a view. It was PERFECT. The sun, the sights, the sounds the smell. All of it. Perfect.

We did a bit of shopping as we made our way back North and got the makings to have a lovely dinner together the next day.

We had this wonderful penne by the Nomad Pasta Company with homemade sauce we simmered all day and freshly baked garlic bread.

Here’s to another year of lovely adventures and meals shared!