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Just Egg Review – Just try it!

So this is not the first time we’ve been late to the party so to speak. Normally it’s because it takes us awhile to find the time to try the next big vegan product or try the new viral trend. This time it’s not entirely our fault! We wanted to try Just Egg for a while but it wasn’t available up where we live. We only rarely saw it in Bangor for a while and it was pretty pricey. Fortunately it has started to be sold at our local grocery store and we may have picked up their entire supply a few times now… So as you can guess – we like it!

Just Egg is a vegan scrambled egg substitute that is usually used to create non-vegan breakfast foods like scrambled eggs or French toast. We also tried it in a breakfast pizza with a lot of success. It may also be good in baking but we haven’t tried that. We’ve stuck to the traditional things like scrambled eggs, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast pizza. All have been awesome and kept us hoping to find another batch of Just Egg in the store!

We have found Just Egg in the bottle (liquid) and frozen and egg folds. One bottle makes two breakfasts for us and the folds come in packs of four. There wasn’t a noticeable taste difference in either batch but obviously there was a texture difference. The folds work best for a sandwich and the liquid can be used in pretty much anything.

The taste isn’t quite like eggs but it does give off an “eggy” vibe that is quite yummy. We often add a little black salt to give them even more flavor but it’s not necessary.  You can throw any spices or veggies with it and you should get good results. We highly recommend picking up some Just Egg if you see it!


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