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Be Mine, Valentine

We kicked off our February school break by celebrating Valentine’s Day together! If you know us, vegan food is our love language. So of course we cooked a meal together!

If you have been on social media at all in the past month or so you have probably seen the viral feta pasta bake. It was so popular that some European countries sold out of feta! Of course we veganized it!

Here is our take on the recipe (super easy):

Preheat oven to 400* and gather ingredients

Place cherry tomatoes and garlic cloves in baking dish

Drizzle with oil

Place feta in the center of the dish (we used VioLife brand)

Season with dried oregano, red peeper flakes and salt and pepper

Drizzle with just a touch more oil

Bake for 30 min

About 15 minutes before the timer runs out cook some pasta

We found this great company fairly local to us

Remove baking dish from oven and mix thoroughly to make a creamy sauce

This is what it looked like before mixing

Add pasta and chopped fresh basil


If you were wondering if vegan feta would do the trick the answer is 10 out of 10! This meal was so easy and tasty we are going to try it out with some other vegan cheeses and we will report back!


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