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Virtual Sit and Sew

Twice this year I have ‘gotten together’ with a group of ladies that I enjoy quilting with. We can’t currently meet in person right now because of COVID, but also because some of us are in Maine and others winter in Florida!

Normally we get together in person a few times in the summer and fall to spend a few days together working on our own individual projects while enjoying each other’s company but we weren’t even able to really do that this year. We decided instead to spend a day sewing ‘together’ by checking in on a Messenger group every two hours to share pictures and comments on our progress!

Having the check-in times (we chose 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm) was nice because it broke up the day with chit-chat and beautiful pictures. It also inspired me to set little mini goals between each check-in and kept me from getting distracted!

Here are some of the projects I worked on touring these sit and sew days:

I was going to end this post by saying I was anxiously awaiting our next sewing day together on Presidents’ Day, but our Virtual Days went so well my Mum is going to try a similar idea with her local group in Florida. Normally, that would be during a day of teaching for me but I got a call last night that I need to quarantine again so BONUS day for me! I will appreciate the distraction.

My goal tomorrow is to square up and bind the mug wall hanging (in the cover photo) that just arrived on my doorstep back from the quilter’s! I can’t wait to show you the final product.


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