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Christmas 2020

So first… this post is late. We have fallen victim to the complete loss of the sense of time that happens to teachers on school vacations. Is it Wednesday? Is it still 2020? We certainly have to check before answering. That being said we still had a great Christmas Eve and Christmas! Here’s what we ate.

Christmas Eve is when we do our big meal. This year we changed our tradition from having a our usual lasagna or ravioli for another pasta dish with homemade sauce, ricotta, and cheese – stuffed shells. We paired the the shells with homemade garlic bread and a Caesar Salad.

At the start of the day we got our pasta sauce cooking and bread baking. The house smelled SO good!

While we did buy the shells and the cheese on top was Violife Mozzarella the rest of the meal is homemade. The ricotta recipe is from one of our new favorite cookbooks and the salad dressing comes from Minimalist Baker.

Besides preparing dinner we also spent Christmas Eve preparing our feast for the next day. On Christmas we start the day with cinnamon rolls and then turn our dining room table into a charcuterie board. We then get to spend the day together doing whatever and heading to the table to grab a bite to eat when we want.

As you can see it’s quite the spread! Even after snacking over the whole day we had plenty of leftovers. In the top row left to right we have vegan jerky, clam dip, and Chex mix. In the middle we have nacho sauce, a platter with fruit, berries, crackers, deli slices and vegan cheese in which we could dip into chocolate hummus and top with granola. At the bottom we had pickles, pretzels, hot pepper jelly over cream cheese and mixed nuts.

The tastiest bite? It’s hard to pick one but a nothing quite beats a strawberry with chocolate hummus and granola on it!

It was an odd Christmas to match an odd year. It was around 50 degrees and it rained all day after all! While we may have lost the snow and the entire year has been kind of crazy we can surely say that we spent our holidays happily. We ate well, got to relax, and spent time with our favorite furry friends. While 2020 really can’t end soon enough for most people we hope you were able to enjoy the past few weeks and hope we all are looking forward to 2021!