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It’s a surprise! But not really.

If you have viewed any of Jenna’s sewing blogs you surely can tell she’s awesome! She has a creative eye for making really great looking sewing projects and we have many of them around our house all year long. Just like I use the studio upstairs to make music she uses it to make another form of art!

Now check out these pics! Take a guess at how long it took to make them…

If you guessed about 1 day then believe it or not you’d be correct! Amazing, right? Jenna went on a trip a few weekends ago to spend sometime quilting with her mom and some of their quilting friends. Normally this trip would happen in Eastport but due to Covid they decided to book some rooms in Belfast and set up shop there.

As I was home with the cats (tough life, I know) and Jenna would send me pictures as she completed steps of the projects. I was so impressed that she could get so much done in such a short period of time. When she got home I had to just had to ask “how?”!

Turns out she just had a really comfortable set up at the hotel. Just like anything else in life, if you are happy and comfortable you can be more productive. The fact that she was surrounded by quilters having a relaxing but hard working time allowed her to get A TON done.

Our studio upstairs has had a few different looks in the past 5 years. We’ve tried different set ups that accommodate what we each need from the space. It turns out, even though we’ve tried a few different things the biggest hindrance to feeling comfortable was Jenna’s sewing table. Lucky for her she has a birthday coming up!

Now I wish I could say I surprised her with a better sewing table but I had to make sure the dimensions were correct so basically I asked her to pick out exactly what she wanted and it’ll be her birthday present. We ordered what we needed and in about a week from now our studio will go through another transformation by adding in a much better sewing table for Jenna to work on! Happy Birthday!

Check our Instagram in a few weeks to see some pictures of the completed project. We are both very excited to upgrade our space once again!


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