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A Little Synth on the Side

I’ve never been much into slap bass. I know that a lot of players are and that a lot of people really think it sounds cool but I’ve only ever dabbled in it if needed for a certain song. For example the Star City Syndicate plays three songs that use slap so I worked on the technique to perform those songs but I never write music with slap in mind… until now.

With the extra practice time I’ve had lately I decided to try to challenge myself to incorporate some slap in my playing. I came up with a short piece that Jenna named “A Little Synth on the Side”. It has some slap, some modern harmony, a pretty neat bass solo, a little synth (of course), and best of all – Chris Morton playing drums! The whole thing was recorded in our “studio” which is just the extra room upstairs but I think it came out pretty nice.

I think the biggest takeaway I feel from this piece is that is was worth trying something new and expanding my knowledge a bit. Do I want to be a “slapper” now? Not really. But I do think I will do it more often and try to incorporate it into my musical voice. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoyed the piece!


Process Over Product

I recently finished a quilting project that did not turn out very good at all! It does not lay flat and stitches aren’t consistent just to name a few flaws…That…