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“Portland Trip”

So we, like every one, are staying close to home as much as possible. However, we, like every one, do like an adventure now and then. Since we didn’t feel we should venture to the southern part of the state we decided to bring a little bit of the “down state experience” to our own home. How do we do this you may ask? Well, we decided to theme some of our meals this past week based on some of our usual stops when we are in Portland.

With restrictions lifting a little bit in Aroostook County we decided to splurge a bit on our weekly shopping and get some items that were specific to some meals that we typically may get when traveling. Were our versions better than the restaurant’s own meals? Maybe not but it was nice for a change in pace and nice to make something different for dinner.

One stop we almost always make is to the Falafel Mafia food truck. We like to bike around the city before making a stop at the truck and getting a batch of Shawarma Fries. If you’ve never had the chance to try these… DO IT! They are amazing! The owners of the Food Truck have since opened a restaurant called Nura Portland that we unfortunately haven’t been able to get to yet. We made some homemade falafel with a cucumber creamy sauce in a pita. If only we knew how to make those Shawarma Fries!

Another stop we often make is to a sushi bar called Sapporo. It’s right by the pier with outdoor seating which means great food and great scenery (what is this a Yelp review?). Now to be fair, the rolls we made (peanut avocado and tofu cream cheese) are not rolls we would get at Sapporo but who wouldn’t want a peanut avocado roll or a tofu cream cheese roll?!

A breakfast/brunch stop for us would usually be Silly’s. They had closed even before the pandemic but we still think of their carrot cake fondly! Our brunch type meal was a Monte Cristo. This is a a marinaded tofu and cheese sandwich on French toast with mustard and mayo on it. Sound out there? We thought so at first too but it’s really tasty! The restaurant was known for it’s eclectic design and pretty out there dishes. While we never had a Monte Cristo from Silly’s it seemed to fit the bill.

Picture this – you have biked about 12 miles in search of a pizza place. When you finally find it you realize there’s no way you can take a pizza on your bike so you bike back to you hotel, grab your car, get back to the pizza place, order a vegan margarita pizza to go, return to your hotel, and finally get to enjoy the epicness that is Otto’s pizza! This was our experience at Otto’s last year. For our remake we decided to do a grilled pizza dough with basil, tomato, mozzarella, and onion.

Many of us may be craving a bit of adventure. This was our way of trying to satisfy that urge while still following the current recommendations. It worked and we did feel like we got to “break the norm” a little bit. How about you? How are you dealing with the cabin fever you may be feeling?

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