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Wedding Anniversary

On April 19th we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary together. It was one of our best yet. Originally, we had made plans to stay a few nights in Portland, Maine with a day trip in to Boston to catch a show or concert. As you can imagine, the pandemic changed those plans for us.

We had already cancelled reservations, but that didn’t mean we had to cancel the fun! We instead asked ourselves what we were looking forward to about the trip that we could try to recreate on our own and we of course, immediately thought about food.

We had been planning on eating our anniversary dinner at Pom’s Thai Taste Restaurant and Noodle House. Their vegan drunken noodles are absolutely amazing and such a treat for us. Why not try to recreate the dish for ourselves? Spending time together in the kitchen is what we love to do anyway.

Drunken Noodles from Pom’s. Our inspiration.

We set out to find the ‘right’ recipe. There were lots of options out there! We settled on a recipe we found on Pinterest from another blog called Cook with Manali. We chose this particular version for a few reasons. First, we could make do with ingredients we have access to during this time of restriction. Second, it seemed to fit the flavor profile we had in mind the closest based on the ingredients. And third, it used one of our favorite gadgets…the instant pot!

Our homemade version of Drunken Noodles.

Selecting a recipe that used the instant pot meant not much time actually cooking together though, so then we figured we’d probably need dessert! Why not make a cake that represents us as a couple? That clearly required two layers. Orange for him and purple for me!

While searching for a new vanilla cake recipe we stumbled upon a coffee cake recipe on the same blog, Nora Cooks. Clearly we need to eat breakfast on our anniversary! That surely would be a full day together in the kitchen!

Yes, it was a full day in the kitchen. A day spent doing something we love. A day of laughter, good tunes cranked up on the speakers and lots of tasty treats!

Don’t worry too much about all that indulgent food. We had a light and well balanced lunch in between all that deliciousness!

Here’s to many more anniversaries. Some with adventure in the form of trips and dining out and some from the comfort of our own beautiful home.


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