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Thanksmas 2019

Guess what time it is! Yep, it’s that time of the year again… our annual post about Thanksmas. This is our third Thanksmas post so you probably already kind of know what to expect but this year we had the added fun of giving green gifts, opting out of black Friday shopping, doing the Turkey Trot 5K again, and seeing a great rendition of the musical Annie. All in all, it’s safe to say this was another great Thanksmas!

But I know what most of you are curious about… the food. As you know from our numerous Kittery blogs Jenna’s aunt goes all out with the vegan fare. This year we were able to enjoy yummy-ness like mac and cheese, stuffed squash, maple brussle sprouts, chickpeas in peanut sauce, carrots, mashed potatoes, mushroom stuffing, rolls, apples with date sauce, and some vegan appetizers like Miyoko’s cheese and crackers. Sound like a lot? Try fitting it all on one plate!

Top all that goodness off with a bunch of vegan desserts including a pumpkin roll, sweet potato pudding, apple crisp, and this AMAZING donut cake from Lovebirds Donuts! It’s ok to be a little jealous…

While the food was certainly one of the highlights of our trip, we also got to make this trip align with our personal beliefs too. Last year we did a 5K Thanksgiving morning when the temperature was about -5 (I called it the -5K). This year it was a bit warmer which was nice but it was also awesome that we both shaved off some time from last years race.

We are also suckers from musicals and concerts – we are music teachers after all. We had the pleasure of seeing the musical Annie with Sally Struthers in the roll of Miss Hannigan. She was a riot! There’s nothing like a good show to lift your spirits. Unfortunately she slipped on ice recently and broke her leg. Hope she gets well soon!

You know what else lifts our spirits? The smells and sounds of the ocean.

I think you can tell by all the positives in the post that this trip was certainly filled with a ton of good stuff. The best though? Time with family and friends. When we are right in the middle of this crazy time in the school year there is almost nothing better than having a chance to unwind, relax, and recharge our batteries. And what better place than Kittery Maine? We can’t think of one!


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