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Update from Jenna

About a month ago, I wrote a blog post about how I had been struggling with remaining motivated on my weight loss journey. At the end of that blog I promised to keep Jazzed for Veggies updated along the way. Well, here I am! It’s all about accountability after all.

I try not to put too much stock into the numbers on the scale and instead pay attention to how I am feeling or how clothes are fitting, but it sure is nice when those numbers reflect the how you feel! I am happy to report that the numbers on the scale finally began to tip downward! The number is not huge, but slow and steady wins this type of race and I am feeling better again. I feel more energy, positivity and clothes are becoming more comfortable again.

Writing this update blog is my chance to reflect on what is working. I would like to address it in three parts: food, exercise and motivation. Here we go!

Let’s talk food. The biggest change that I made here was consistently tracking my calories. For this I like to use the SparkPeople app. It is accurate, easy to use and best of all, free! Just be tracking my calories I was much more thoughtful about what I was putting into my mouth. Also, we put more effort into our meal creations this month. We were more intentional about choosing meals that were primarily made of whole foods rather than convenience ingredients. That’s not to say we didn’t still have treats! We traveled to Boston and I celebrated my birthday so moderation was key!

As for exercise, there is still plenty of room for improvement! That being said, I doing much better about getting my steps in each day and adding extra activity around the house to sneak in more movement while still getting daily chores taken care of. I know that as I begin adding more core exercises and free weights back into my reestablished small habits the progress that I am beginning to see will just increase. We all have to start (or restart) somewhere!

Motivation has returned! By confiding my insecurities in that previous blog I have received wonderfully kind words, support and encouragement from quite a few readers! To be honest I was honored how many folks are still following along with our blog! Thank you! Having a community such as this, as well as some challenge groups I am a part of on social media of like-minded people is a real necessity when times get tough. It is important to know we aren’t alone and that not every step we take on our journey through life is going to be sure footed. Nevertheless it is one foot in front of the other. Just keep moving!

There you have it! Not perfection, but the necessary first steps back in the direction to becoming the healthiest me!

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