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Top 5 – Summertime Meals

Even though we are all probably crying “say it ain’t so!” to the idea of Summer leaving… you have to admit that Fall is an amazing time of the year. Especially in our neck of the woods, the trees get vibrant, the cool air in the mornings is the perfect companion for a cup of coffee, and who doesn’t love some pumpkin themed goodness?

Another great thing about fall is the chance to think about all the good stuff about summer. In this blog we will share our top five summer meals. Some of these are brand new recipes, some are a new way to use an old recipe, and some are just things we enjoyed multiple times this summer. Basically, these are meals that complimented our lifestyle this summer. So, in no particular order, here are our top 5 Summertime meals!

  • Portabello Pesto Wraps.

Did you see that yummy-ness in at the top of the blog? That would be our oil-free pesto. It’s so fresh and flavorful but also quite light. Now, picture that on mushrooms marinated in a soy-ginger-garlic marinade. What? You can’t picture it? We couldn’t either at first but trust us, it’s an AMAZING combo. In fact, the soy-ginger-garlic marinade is so good we would put it on basically anything. While always tasty, mixing it with pesto was really a truly incredible discovery for us. The mushrooms absorb the marinade really well, can be grilled, air-fried, or baked and make for a light but filling meal.

  • Instant Pot Lasagna

While summer may be the time for cooking outdoors and having cooler meals sometimes it’s just not an option. We picked up a great cookbook this summer (review blog coming!) and one of the very first recipes we tried from it was this lasagna. Stuffed with basil ricotta (amazing), homemade sauce, lots of veggies (cooked in the instant pot too), and done in basically no time… what more could you ask for!

  • Gado Gado

While perhaps not the prettiest picture, Gado Gado is an Indonesian salad type dish. Now pictured above is certainly not a salad type dish but the coconut peanut “dressing” commonly used for Gado Gado is above… and it is tasty. It has a rich, creamy and as spicy as you like it flavor. It also goes on just about anything!

  • “Pizza in a Bag”

If you know us you know we love to camp. Also, if you know us you know we enjoy living as green as possible. This summer we didn’t get to camp as much as usual due to a busy music schedule but the one big trip we took we made sure to make count. We choose to do a hike-in type of camping and therefore had to bring prepped meals. One of our meals was a Pintrest recipe for camping “pizza” in a bag. Basically, the spices used for pizza sauce served over couscous, sun dried tomatoes, and cheese. The original recipe was not vegan but that’s nothing a little Nooch couldn’t fix. We boiled some water, poured it into some reusable food storage bags, and in about 10 minutes we had a great meal. And since we were camping it was dinner with a view of the great Maine coast.

  • Boca Burgers

Ever vegan probably has a story about the first time they tried vegan cheese or vegan yogurt and how they really didn’t care for it. For me (Jon) Boca Burgers were like that. I’m not sure what it was about them but they really didn’t appeal to me. This summer was pretty much the opposite of that. While most of the time we’d prefer to make our own burgers this made for a great quick fix and we were able to enjoy many-a-cook out with our friends with the Boca Burgers. Do watch out because some of their burgers are vegetarian but not vegan.

While we may not all welcome the seasonal transition it does make for a great time to enjoy nature, enjoy some new foods, and reflect on the past. And hey, at least Winter’s not here… yet!


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