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Scoff Response

A lot of music posts of this blog are either completely bass focused or are about the Star City Syndicate. There are a few reasons for this – we both play in the Star City Syndicate and even I can admit I have a bit of an obsession with the bass guitar.

But there is another group I play in that is near and dear to me – Scoff Response – a power trio where if we got paid by the note we’d actually make money as musicians! The group involves our friend and my favorite drummer Chris Morton and guitar extraordinaire Heath Bartley.

Umm… let’s try that one again…

A power trio is a ensemble name coined in the late 60’s and usually refers to a group that has guitar (or keys), bass, and drums with one or more musicians singing. These groups tend to enjoy jamming out on songs with lots of improvisation or instrument heavy leads. The lack of extra people on stage is meant to highlight the musicianship of the musicians on stage.

Without a doubt, Scoff Response is a power trio. We do a mix of modern and classic songs, some odd or funky arrangements, some original tunes and a whole lot of jamming out… We have SO MUCH fun playing together!

Recently we had an outdoor gig in this large inflatable stage for about 400 people. Normally we play at a restaurant/bar about once a month but we were invited to perform at this outdoor venue. While it was a new experience it sure was fun to expose the people of Northern Maine to a little power trio called – Scoff Response. Here’s a little clip of the bass solo on Sunday Morning (video credit to the drummer’s girlfriend/awesome sound lady for the Syndicate).


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