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Snark Puppy

Yes, we know it’s been awhile. Yes, we’re sorry. Yes, we’re back!

In our blog about “homie” we mentioned that we use the Google Home to set reminders. This past January we asked homie to remind us where we put a certain set of tickets we bought. Those tickets? A set of tickets for May 11th in Portsmouth New Hampshire to see Snarky Puppy. If you haven’t heard of them (what rock do you live under?) CHECK THEM OUT. They are only one of top modern jazz/fusion groups around.

If you have read any of our Thanksmas blogs or the Japanese Breakfast blog you know that we have family in Kittery that was kind enough to house us for a few days. We were able to take a mini-vacation, see a show, and eat some great food. Allow me to detail out our trip!

To get to Kittery at a decent time we drove straight from school all the way pretty much without any stops. We only stopped for a quick but little late dinner in Portland. We stopped at Whole Foods, grabbed some premade meals (falafal, spring rolls, and soy nuggets). It was more food than we could eat but it was nice to stretch and get out of the car for a few minutes.

We spent the next day enjoying the warm sun (we still had snow on the ground back home), the ocean breeze, and the great company. We walked around Kittery in the morning and Portsmouth in the evening. We tried a new restaurant called Durbar Square. It specializes in Nepali food and it’s SUPER good. The three of us (Jenna’s aunt joined us) all ordered different meals to share.

In order from top left to bottom – sweet potato chhoila, vegetable mo-mo, vegetable noodles, and sweet potato chili.

Jenna and I’s favorite dish was the mo-mo (basically a steamed dumpling) and Jenna’s aunt loved the chili. But to be honest it was ALL great. We see ourselves returning for sure!

After dinner we went to the show. This was the second time we’ve seen Snarky Puppy and while the show was quite a bit different than the first time it was still an unreal experience! They are top notch musicians and the entire evening was entertaining.

Ignore the cellphone quality and go check out some better videos on YouTube but really, Snark Puppy is one of the best!

We left early the next day to head back to reality. It would have been great to stay longer but work called us back. We drove straight up only stopping for some lunch in Bangor.

Spinach and artichoke empanadas and tofu tacos. Nothing wrong with some vegan Mexican food!

Well… that wasn’t all the vegan food we tried. We also stopped at a brand new vegan donut shop called Lovebird Donuts. We’ll let the picture speak for itself…