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April is a great month for us! I have my birthday at the beginning, there is a school vacation in the middle, and our anniversary falls during this vacation. When we planned our wedding date we had intended on trying to have our school breaks and anniversary overlap so that we could always celebrate without having to worry about work commitments. So if you’re wondering why we haven’t uploaded in a few weeks it’s because we were avoiding commitments!

Our plan to celebrate the start of our 6th year of marriage was to take a trip to Portland to see the coast, enjoy some warm weather, and of course, some vegan goodness! And boy did we ever! We left early one morning during the school break to head all the way to Portland (about 5 hours away) to make some shopping stops (more on those coming this summer) and to try some food from the latest food trend – food trucks.

These bad boys are Shawarma Fries from the Falafel Mafia food truck (@falafel_mafia). I can’t even begin to describe how addicting these are. The flavor (shawarma) is nothing either of us were familiar with but the blend of seasonings is truly mouth watering!

Of course with a name like Falafel Mafia the specialty is Falafel. And yes, we got some of that too.

We also tried and shared some main dishes. These one was called the Godfather Pocket. We also tried a Cauliflower Shawarma Pocket. Check out @jazzedforveggies to see that dish.

We now consider Falafel Mafia a “must stop” if you can. Check their Facebook page or Instagram for where the will be each day. You won’t regret it!

Before heading home we stopped at another one of our usual “nicer” dinner places for some great vegan food – Poms Taste of Thai. Our favorite dish? The Drunken Noodles.

While our time in Portland was very short lived it was super nice to just “get outta dodge” for awhile and see some green grass… yep, we still had a ton of snow up here then!

After a bit more shopping we had a quick bite in Bangor before heading home. At least it was still nice enough to eat outside!

Now to be fair, this trip was actually a few days BEFORE our actual anniversary. So of course we had to keep celebrating when we got home! Breakfast? Cinnamon Rolls with homemade cream cheese icing. Dinner? Air fried crab cakes made from artichokes. We aren’t always fancy people and we know what we like!


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