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Behind the Scenes

For today’s blog, I’d like to take you on a back stage tour to get an idea of what’s to come in our future blog posts! We’ll hit the areas of Music, Fitness, Food and Health!

On the music scene, we are gearing up for our own school concerts as well as the UMPI Community Band and a summer filled with a variety of gigs with Star City Syndicate, Scoff Response and the County Jazz Combo. Be prepared for not only content here but lots of pictures on our Instagram account! If you don’t already follow us @jazzedforveggies what are you waiting for??

We have some exciting to us news in the fitness realm! We just invested in a treadmill and are loving it. Not to mention spring is just around the corner so we will be getting more outdoor adventures in. Keep you eyes open for blogs about hiking, camping and bike rides.

Here in the kitchen, we are currently working on a few reader requests! How fun is that? We are currently testing out some new tempeh recipes to share with you. Also, we bought a juicer so we’ll put together our favorite concoctions and let you know different ways that we are using the leftover pulp.

Our last stop on this little tour is all about health. In May we will be coming up on Jazzed for Veggies second birthday! It will be a great opportunity for us to share updates on our journey to health!


Star City Update

If you have read our blog in the past year then you know one of our most favorite things is the Star City Syndicate, the 19 piece horn band we…