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Sew Accomplished: Un-Paper Towels Update

In my first Sew Accomplished blog, the last item that I shared with you were Un-Paper Towels. We would like to share a little update on them. With one change to the original design, we are loving using Un-Paper Towels!

You are probably wondering what we changed. We swapped the metal snaps for plastic. When first making these I thought the metal would be more durable, but it turns out the plastic are definitely the route to go! We had a few of the metal snaps pull off when we separated the towels. Not once has that happened with the plastic.

We have used these rigorously and they have washed up very well! We even used one to really scrub down a greasy griddle/panini press and though there is some discoloration to the terry cloth, it really washed very clean. No funny residue or stiffness. I admit I was a little bit nervous about that, but was extremely impressed with the results.

Also, we are just adding them to our regular laundry routine, so there isn’t any extra laundering or time involved with them!

When I shared with my mum that I was making these, she wondered about the snaps scratching surfaces. We haven’t experienced any of this because you naturally hold the towel in the middle. With the snaps on the very corners they really dont rub on the surface at all. Not to mention the plastic reduces the risk of this happening.

Additional uses we have found for them are to hang from the stove for hand wiping and around the hand towel rod in the bathroom. I used to be forever picking up the hand towel from the floor in there!

If you are interested in making these for yourself, my one piece of advice would be to trim excess material from the corners before turning them right side out. Many of the patterns I looked at (I didn’t use any one in particular, simply browsed a bunch and took tips from them) said to not worry about it, but I disagree. Your snaps will be easier to place if your corners are trimmed. And don’t be intimidated by the plastic snaps! This tool makes attaching them a breeze!


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