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Play Through – Show Me How

So, as promised in the first From the Bass-ment Up post here is a play along of Show Me How by Men I Trust. I really enjoy figuring out bass lines and I think the sound quality is spot on in this one.

I tried to mimic the (warning: bass geeky-ness coming) tone of the bass in the recording. It’s played with a P-Bass. This is not what I recorded the line on. I always like to use my Lakland (and yes, I know I have Lakland P-Bass…) 55-02. With a bit of EQ work I tried to make the tone more dead with more “muah”, and more of a dreamy sound… if you’re a bassist you’ll get it.

If you’re not a bassist… that’s ok! Just enjoy the play along and see how a relatively simple line can make a song really magical. Mix the bass with the colorful chords, the lyrics that express longing, and the reverb heavy guitar and you’ve got, in my opinion, a really great song!

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