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Christmas 2018 – WE’RE BACK!

We’re still here, we’re still blogging, we’re still Jazzed For Veggies… we promise! It’s just been a crazy month since Thanksgiving. We had multiple concerts, rehearsals, festivals, and you know, the holiday season going on… it’s been quite the month!

Now, this post will be all about the food we had over Christmas this year but first let’s talk about how we DO food this time of year. We tend to do our bigger family meal on Christmas Eve and then do a more “buffet” style all through Christmas. This year we were also joined by Jon’s mom for both Christmas Eve and Christmas. Could we do it? Could we do the holidays our way all while entertaining a (non-vegan) guest? Spoiler – Yes, totally.

Now, not only did we want to make food we like but we also wanted to make food Jon’s mom would really appreciate. The menu was constructed with her in mind. We tried to make foods she normally would have during the holidays or food she would find sentimental.

Since Jon’s mom was up the day before Christmas Eve we started with some homemade blueberry muffins we kind of made up. Jon’s mom loves blueberry muffins and luckily she loved these too!

In our new silicon muffin cups – good for our bellies and for Mother Earth

Now on to the real stuff. Christmas Eve morning began with some amazing homemade cinnamon rolls.

Who doesn’t want a little indulgence over the holidays?

The dinner was another home-run. We made some pasta that we turned into ravioli. Jon started his sauce early in the day and let it simmer, Jenna made an amazing vegan Caesar dressing (from the Minimalist Baker cookbook) and a garlic knot dressing that went over Jon’s dough. This meal could have been a flop as Jon’s mom grew up on Italian food. It was made thoughtfully and with love and we all enjoyed every last bite.

The ravioli were stuffed with a gift we got at Thanksgiving – Urban Cheesecraft Mozzarella. This stuff is LEGIT and we highly recommend trying them out. We got the mozzarella and the cheddar as a gift and both were a big hit with both the vegans and the non-vegan at the table!

Breakfast on Christmas was not a complete success in presentation but certainly a win in flavor. We tried to recreate Jon’s Dad’s French Toast. He would only make this a couple times a year and it was always a treat. Ours did not look quite the same but was certainly satisfying. Maybe someday we’ll recreate his top notch French Toast!

French Toast and our vegan sausage

The next day we set out food for an all day grazing of yumminess. On the menu was

  • Brushetta
  • Vegan Seitan Clam Dip
  • Pickles
  • Nuts
  • Chex Mix
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Veggies and Dip

All in all the holidays, which had the potential to be a tough time, were a success. It was a great time with love, laughter, and family. Add in some good food and you have the recipe for memories for years to come.

Oh, also after Jon’s mom left we took the leftover vegan mozzarella and turned it into air-fried mozzarella bites… cause why not!
Here’s to a great 2018 and we’ll see you with tons more vegan goodness in 2019!


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