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A Little “Chopped” Inspired Day

We get SUPER busy starting mid-October to… well May. Music events seem to be pretty consistent through these months and, while we are used to it, we still find that it’s hard to do much outside of these music events. The way the calendar went this year we actually *GASP* had a free day with no obligations at all! It was pretty fantastic.

To enjoy our day of rest we decided to NOT rest. We instead, being foodies, decided to have some fun in the kitchen. If you’ve ever seen the Food Network show Chopped you know they have to create meals out of various ingredients from a basket. We decided to try something similar. We had three categories; cuisine, main ingredient, and time of day the meal would be served. We each picked 1 sticky note for each category and decided make the meals for each other during our day off.

Here’s what we drew out of…

These choices didn’t make the cut…

And here’s what we had to make – Jon: English Entree with Tofu. Jenna: Italian Breakfast with Chickpeas.

Here’s what we came up with. Jenna didn’t really know what an “Italian” breakfast would look like. With a little help from Google she found this Italian Brunch Torte. Jenna veganized this to great effect! The eggs were replaced by a chickpea flour egg substitute we make but she also added homemade vegan Parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning. The dish was loaded with veggies loaded with flavor. It tastes great on it’s own but also goes well with hot sauce or ketchup! The only criticism – needed some garlic!

Jon also used Google to find a traditional dinner called a Lancashire Hotpot. Which is kind of like a variation on a shepherds pie. There are a few variations on this dish (such as with lamb, and kidneys… eww) but Jon wanted to have to make his with tofu and mushrooms. The seasonings and preparation were pretty similar to most of the recipes you can see online. Certainly not the prettiest dish but quite tasty!

So at the end of Chopped one cook comes out on top… and who came out on top for us? Neither, we just made the dishes for fun and to enjoy cooking for each other on our day off!