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Birthday Fun

So, before even starting this post we’d like to apologize for not posting for a few weeks. There has been some pretty intense emotional things going on in our lives and, while we have been working through it really well honestly, we haven’t felt particularly inspired to post. But, today we will!

So last Friday, October 26th, was Jenna’s birthday. We didn’t get to celebrate it that day but over the weekend we have had some good birthday festivities including traveling, presents, visiting with family, and FOOD!

The birthday girl got to pick her menu and Jon made it… happy wife happy life, you know. And since the birthday wasn’t actually celebrated on the birth date we added a little extra to the meal and spread them out over a couple of days.

The first meal was a delish pizza made with Yves pepperoni and Miyokos mozzarella on our homemade crust and homemade pizza sauce.

A long time ago we used to have Tofurky pepperoni and it’s alright. This Yves pepperoni is very good though, we recommend it!

Along with this meal were come chocolate peanut butter “milk”shakes… which were gone before a picture could be taken… whoops!

The second meal was just as tasty – Seitan sandwiches on homemade buns and curly fries… with CAKE of course.

Our seitan recipe is one of our favorites – it makes a good amount for two people (seitan tends to be heavy), and it can be made to fit any meal we happen to be having. Once I had made the buns it was easy to shape the seitan to be the perfect size for a hearty sandwich. The fries were made with a spiralizer and made in the oven.

The cake was kind of silly. Jon bought a cat cake pan (you know we love our cats) and this is the result.

The chocolate cake was adapted from a non-vegan recipe but also modified to be oil-free and lower in sugar. In fact, the whole set of birthday meals was oil-free.

Normally we take the mantra of Phoebe Buffay and say “no food with a face” but Jon showed of his real fine cake decorating skills and tried to give the cat cake some peanut butter frosting and chocolate details…

Could be worse!

Overall it was a birthday full of emotion. Sad news can come any day and I’m so grateful that Jenna is so understanding and compassionate to use her birthday date to help deal with certain other things. I’m also grateful that we got the chance to celebrate her birthday even if it were a day or two later.

Here’s to many more birthdays!

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