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Totally Awesome Vegan Food Truck – September 22

With school starting up we certainly have been feeling a bit overwhelmed! We have been exceptionally busy during the week but also during the weekends. Knowing that this is a recipe for some grumpy teachers we decided to head down the state of Maine early Saturday morning for a brief get-a-way to Portland/Bangor. We wanted to do some shopping, maybe catch a movie, and of course – eat some rockin’ vegan goodies!

While we stopped at a few places we wanted to talk about a relatively new food truck called – The Totally Awesome Vegan Food Truck (@totallyawesomeveganfoodtruck).

We had never tried a food truck before, and Portland happens to have TWO that are vegan friendly! One of the trucks happened to be out of town that weekend but we were able to try out some tasty vegan junk food! The best part (besides the swanky art on the van) is that we were not even close to the only people there. There was a long line… and can you blame them? The burger is fantastic.

And when you’re having some junk food… you gotta go all out. So we also got some cheesy-bacon fries and a tuna melt… when in Rome, right?

From what people in line were telling us, this food truck is relatively new and we wish them the best! The food was fast, affordable, and tasty! Even if you aren’t vegan it’s something you would love!

As I said, we did a ton more on the trip but the point of this post is say that we LOVED the Totally Awesome Vegan Food Truck!

Bonus pics of Jenna enjoying some Bagel Central the next morning and Jon with a big bowl of Ramen. To the next adventure!


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