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Cobscook Bay – August 11-13

With all of our musical endeavors this summer we haven’t been able to do much camping. This isn’t a bad thing, we love our music, but we certainly jumped on the opportunity to get out to nature for a few days. The destination was a place that I had never been and Jenna hadn’t been to since she was maybe 6 or 7 years old – the most Eastern part of the U.S.! The campground is called Cobscook Bay State Park and it’s located in Dennysville. Never heard of it? The more well known towns in that area are Eastport, Calais, and Lubec. And you better believe we hit them all!

There were two main draws of this area of the state – the secluded campsites and the ocean! Cobscook went beyond our expectations!

With every camping trip we try our best to do it the way we want. We try to live our lifestyle without having to stray too far away from how we like to live. This camping trip we decided to see how tough it would be to go completely vegan in a secluded spot and bring everything we need, make everything we eat (with a little home prep), and have as little waste as possible. Spoiler – it’s not tough at all!

When we arrived at our campsite we were thrilled to find that we had no real neighbors. Nothing against people but we were ready for some seclusion.

In this picture you can see almost everything we brought and needed. Our tent, a cooler, water, and grill. We also had some portable chairs, and a sack hammock that you can’t see in the picture. Our car, while not super far away, is not really part of our campsite. It’s EXACTLY what we wanted!

We set up and then… we relaxed! I napped in the tent and Jenna napped in the hammock. We walked around the site to find a nice spot for morning coffee/tea, and then sat to play card games and read books. Rejuvenation at it’s finest!

When it was time to eat we dug into our cooler to enjoy a meal of seitan fried rice. Yes, you read that right, seitan fried rice!

We prepared bits and pieces of this meal from scratch at home and brought it with us. A traditional camping meal? Maybe not but it sure was tasty.

When we woke up in the morning we made some chickpea “egg” sandwiches. Jenna has a fond memory of her dad making fried egg sandwiches for her when she was a kid and they were camping at this campground. We wanted recreate this memory but veganize it. We made some homemade English Muffin bread, a homemade chickpea patty, and some Chao cheese. We took breakfast to a little secluded lookout and drank coffee/tea and had a lovely breakfast by the water.

The next day was our chance to explore the little towns in the area. Now, we live in a small town (population like 400) but these towns are not that much bigger! We went to Eastport and sat by the ocean, then to Calais to see the border crossing, and finally to Lubec to see the most eastern part of the U.S..

We also decided to have a picnic here of PB and J on homemade bread with some date energy bites and fruit.

We would highly recommend coming to Quoddy State Park. The trails and the views are wonderful! The lighthouse and little museum are really nice too!

Our dinner that night was foil packets of veggies, corn, and potatoes. Easy and tasty!

And for dessert, another pick from Jenna’s past, grilled nectarines.

We had one more breakfast at the site before heading home. It was the same breakfast as the first day but with the addition of left over potatoes as home-fries. It wasn’t the longest trip we’ve taken but it was one of the more unique camping trips. I’d go back in a heartbeat! The ocean and the ability to be “on your own” together is totally worth it. If you have never been down east Maine, it’s WORTH it!

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