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Now I promise this isn’t really a deep blog post but I wanted to talk about motivation and willpower real quick. This isn’t only because we recently listed to the “Stuff You Should Know” podcast about willpower and now feel smart on the subject. But by the way, the podcast is hilarious and we recommend it highly! But willpower and motivation are actually something we think about a lot as teachers.

What motivates someone is important and how people find the willpower to do (or not do) various things through the day is also fascinating. It’s not a subject I plan on writing about here but I want you to think about the one time a year where everyone seems super motivated to reach a goal. Sadly, most people lose the willpower to achieve said goal. That time of the year? New Years of course!

Here’s a made up statistic – 90% of New Years resolutions are not met and many of them by March. I know I made this number up but it seems true enough doesn’t it? There are many reasons why I’ve not completed goals myself but something we do to help this is to set monthly (instead of yearly) goals. Even if we keep the same goal month to month it feels refreshing to say “ok this month we need to do A, B, and C”. It seems manageable and achievable.

So why, you may ask, am I going into all this description of our resolutions? Well this is why – it leads to stuff like this!

See one of our resolutions is have a monthly Date Night where we decide together what to make, then we prepare it together, and then we enjoy it together! It’s super fun and been something to look forward to each month. This July we made Steamed Buns

with Seitan Spareribs (think Chinese restaurant sauce)

topped with pickled veg

and Strawberry Shortcake with Coconut Whip on top.

A bit random? Maybe. A bit awesome? YEP! It was 100% homemade and a great activity to do together. The spareribs in particular will for sure be made again at some point.

So if you take 1 thing away from this blog post it’s set small goals and meet them, then set more goals. If you take 2 things away it’s share time with loved ones. If you take 3 – make seitan spareribs!


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