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All About Nutritional Yeast…

Thought you came here for info about Nooch? Well you did… kinda!

Meet Nooch!

We love to travel. We absolutely adore experiencing new places, things and very often food. But we are also firm believers that not all adventures involve leaving your house at all. Some of the greatest happen right inside your house. We decided to put this theory to test and we adopted another cat from the local humane society.

This little thing was put into the shelter because her last owner couldn’t care for her. She is only about 5 pounds, and is super tiny! However she is actually about 4 years old… maybe she drank too much coffee or something?

She is absolutely ADORABLE. She is the very definition of lap cat. She will just plop right own and sleep just about anywhere. She also just wants to be around people. I guess that’s why her name was Cuddles at the shelter.

When we went to the shelter last week we noticed a small cat who was very shy. We opened the cage and she was a bit timid but once she smelled Jenna’s hand she crawled right up her arm and onto her back! I guess you could say she picked us!

We decided to give it a few days before picking her up and by the end the of the week we were traveling home with our new housemate! We decided to name her Nooch – short for Nutritional Yeast of course!

We already had a cat at home (from the same shelter AND same cage actually) that we named Fret. Read her bio here! Fret is about 3 times bigger than Nooch and was scared to death of her when we first brought Nooch inside! It’s funny that the big cat is one who is afraid.

Nooch would love to be friends with Fret but it hasn’t quiet happened yet. The first night Fret wouldn’t even be on the same floor of the house. Now they are able to be about 3 feet from each other without too much issue. I think it’s only a matter of time before Nooch grows on Fret. She’s certainly grown on us!

I mean… look at that face!

I know everyone says their pet is the best pet but we now have the best pets and are super happy to welcome Nutritional Yeast “Nooch” Simonoff to our home and family!



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