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4 Year Anniversary!

Anniversaries are an interesting thing. While we think that celebrating a significant moment in your life is important celebrating a specific date is sometimes kind of silly. Now don’t get us wrong, we LOVE having a date in April that we can call “ours”, but it almost seems silly to say we’ve been together for 4 years (this year was our 4th wedding anniversary!) when we’ve really been together for 10 years. Regardless, every school break in April we celebrate the life we’ve built together in one of our favorite ways, COOKING!

This year we decided to make a vegan feast (all homemade of course) to cook together, to eat together because, after all, we are celebrating being together!

The theme for this year? Italian! We decided to make some ravioli, a salad (cause health, you know?) and some zepolis (cause dessert, you know?).

We made everything from the pasta to the sauce and the best part? We did it together!

Our ravioli was stuffed with sauteed spinach, garlic, and mushrooms. The dough was made the way we always make dough but we also added some aquafaba this time as we wanted to experiment. It worked great! Jon is a pasta addict and this really hit the spot for him!

The salad was a Caesar salad made with Minimalist Bakers dressing. We got the dressing from her cookbook so we can’t share it hear but you really should get that cookbook!

Lastly we decided to find a zeppoles recipe online and vegan-ize it! To try to make it a bit on the lighter side we air fried the dough. This worked great and we want to remake this as like a fried dough (think town fair) in the future.

It was a great evening… filled with cooking, food, music, and time together (and the cat!)…….We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate!


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