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Power of Presence – Music Video

So I have this neat program called Pro Tools that I can use to make and edit music. We also have a pretty decent digital camcorder that takes good looking video. Why not combine the two???

Instead of yearly resolutions we try to set three or four smaller goals each month of the year. This March I decided one of my resolutions would be to make a “music video”. Now I don’t mean that I went outside in the woods, with my hair (there’s a joke) all done up, and took canned action shots of me playing music. That’s not really something I’m interested in. I more so just really wanted to write and edit a song and then film it for fun… so I did just that.

Here’s what I came up with!

A little bass, a little synth… well a lot of synth, and some drums and here we have a track. The next big single? No. But certainly not a waste either!

The best part? I got to work and finally started writing and recording again! I hadn’t really done much since school started around September. Since I made this video I’ve already gotten two more songs in the works. I was a bit out of practice on the technology side of things and that’s getting better already too!

If a resolution is supposed to better yourself I’d say this one was a win in ever sense of the word. Thanks for watching!


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