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Bangor – January 2018

Adventure Date – January 20th

Adventure Destination – Bangor, Maine

So we were running out of Nooch… does that mean we are even really vegans (we eat A LOT of nooch!)? Because of our location we try to make a monthly trip to stock up on less accessible items. Now, don’t let anyone tell you that you have to live in a big city to be vegan. We make it work in the middle of a potato field! We don’t have to do the monthly trip but we certainly enjoy the chance to get away for a bit. We had three previous monthly trips to Bangor that were all postponed due to things like weather, and weather and… well more weather.

We HAD to go down soon or else we’d not be able to make some of our favorite things! It was a dire situation… luckily we were able to get down this January.

It’s crazy how much stuff we had to get, from bulk herbs, beans and nuts, to specialty items like certain flours, vegan cheeses, and vegan toiletries. Buying in bulk is awesome! Way cheap and good for the environment.

On one hand it’s sad we have to travel for some of our favorite things but on the other it’s a good feeling knowing we can get by without that Follow Your Heart cheese. Want and need are two very different things! But to be honest, we had A LOT we wanted… anyone else have to travel with a cooler (that’s not going camping?). Cause we do…

It was a quick trip but it was nice to get out of dodge for a few hours and it was even more nice to grab some things that make our pantry feel complete. It also helps that we get to stop at our favorite bagel place in the top half of Maine… BAGEL CENTRAL!

FYI – Jon was there… who do you think was taking the pictures!

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